Angry Birds Toons (Season 1 - 52 x 2.5) 
“Nighty Night Terence” 2:45


As a story springboard, I jumped at the chance to direct this episode the moment it came through. After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to direct Terence actually moving for the first time in history? (That’s trivia for the fans!)

Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work
(Season 2 - 26 x variable) 
“Swine Symphony” 2:45
Director, Writer, Series Co-Creator


After completing two seasons of Piggy Tales, I really wanted to do something special to end the second season. We had so much fun with the theme of “construction” throughout season two, I wanted to incorporate as many references from the entire season into one episode, and do it with a bang. Of course, all a construction site needed was a little touch of music.


Lastly, the style I chose for the series - clay animation - was intended to give it the timeless, charming quality seen in so many of the Aardman films, which I admire so much. But I have to confess that production limitations encouraged us to use CG instead of clay.

Stella (Season 1 - 13 x 5.5) 
“Show Title Sequence / Cinematic Trailer” 1:03
Director, Series Co-Creator


In preparation for Stella’s series release we needed a range of marketing animations, including a cinematic trailer. This was a fun challenge. First and foremost we wanted it to introduce each character. It needed to be dynamic and colorful, to draw the audience in for more. 


We decided to go for a 2D graphic look despite the fact it was done in CG. Cube Creative in Paris created all the visuals. The outcome was so positive, we ended up using an abridged version for the show’s opening title sequence.

Roger Rabbit 2 
“CG Roger development test” :18
Artistic Supervisor: Computer Animation and Animator


This is a small excerpt from a larger test that was created during the development of a Roger Rabbit Sequel, which has not been made to date. Roy Disney was particularly supportive of investigating new technologies, including animating Roger Rabbit’s character in CG. Building, rigging, and animating an amorphous CG character in 1998 was a monumental task.


I acted as set supervisor to support Frank Marshall on the plate shoot. Then Eric Goldberg defined the new look and style of Roger, and animated a 2D version. One would think that rotoscoping the 2D animation in CG would work, but in many cases it did not. Every medium requires an approach appropriate for the medium. In the end, the process we discovered opened many doors to new ways of working, which can be seen in many Disney and Pixar films of today.

“Behind the Scenes: Hun Charge” 4:52
Artistic Supervisor: Computer Animation and Animator


Though achieved many years ago, the Hun Charge is still of interest to those who want to see how it was created for Mulan, one of my favorite films I have ever worked on.

“Behind the Scenes: Digital Dim Sum” 4:52
Artistic Supervisor: Computer Animation and Animator


Here is another “Behind the Scenes” installment for Mulan illustrating crowds and a technique called Faux Plane. It explains techniques I learned in VFX production which we then combined with practices used in feature animated film-making for nearly 70 years.

My Peoples
“Blues development test” 1:13
Artistic Supervisor: Computer Animation and Animator


My Peoples was a wonderful project. The Director, Barry Cook, wanted to explore a world where folk art characters come to life to save love.


This is a very early test, to help define how these folk art characters might feel once they came to life. It was during these early stages of development that I got the chance to personally, design, build, animate, light and render an animation. A one-man band of sorts - with a lot of help from my friends!

My Peoples
“Integration test” :13
Artistic Supervisor: Computer Animation and Animator


Here’s another development test from My Peoples. This example was one of the last tests completed for the project, designed to put 2D and CG characters side by side. Because the folk art characters come to life, the intended effect was for them to “pop” slightly more than the 2D animated characters, but still look like they occupy the same space.


Incidentally, this wonderful project was shelved when Disney shuttered the Florida Studio.

"Invention of Tubes" 1:12


An introductory clip from the educational product GeeArt16. Comprised of interactive segments teaching the principles of art, the programs included several hours of animated materials which had to be produced at a low cost but with high entertainment and educational value.

Nostalgia VFX Reel
Eric Guaglione


Though a bit old now, it’s nice to recall that I started my career working on VFX films such as Indiana Jones and Gremlins and spent nearly 5 years on the sets of Star Trek. More recently, I worked on a couple of Zack Snyder’s visionary films. Enjoy a bit of nostalgia!

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